With summer coming to an end, the weather is cooling off and the days are getting shorter. Take advantage of this time before winter to tackle some upgrades around the house. Here are a few ideas for fall home improvement projects.

Install New Light Fixtures for Fall Home Improvement

Shorter days mean less natural light to illuminate a home. If you have been thinking about updating your living spaces, choose and install new lighting. Good lighting improves safety throughout the home.

Shop online or at your local home improvement store for styles that complement the rooms in your house. LED fixtures are bright and perfect for spaces that are difficult to light. Choose LED smart bulbs for your standard fixtures and control the brightness of your new lights from your smartphone.

Paint the Front Door

Because fall weather is milder, this is a perfect time of year to tackle outdoor projects. You’ll be more comfortable working outside without the intense heat of the summer sun.

To make your entryway more welcoming and boost curb appeal, paint your front door in a bold new color. Purchase paint that complements the other colors of your home. Buy quality brushes and rollers for the project. To further improve the door, consider installing a new doorknob and house numbers.

Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

If your home has older single-pane windows, make the switch to modern energy-efficient windows. While this is a costly upgrade, new windows will make a significant difference in your monthly power bill and you’ll also increase the property value.

If new windows aren’t in your budget, you can still boost the energy efficiency of your home by adding heavy curtains. Open the window coverings during the day to allow the sun to warm your living spaces. Closing them at night provides a layer of insulation over the glass and helps keep your home warmer.

Fall Home Improvement: Add Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is simple to install on your own. Check the insulation in your attic to make sure it is in good condition and adequate for your climate. With time, insulation can shift, deteriorate, and be damaged by pests, making it less effective. Install new insulation in the attic to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Plant Fall Flowers

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your garden. Remove weeds and pull summertime blooms that have faded. Add color to your flower beds with fall flowers like mums, marigolds, asters, and pansies. These are easy to grow and will provide color late into the season.

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