It is common for homeowners to clutter up the garage with miscellaneous items that they don’t use often. Even if these items are not used frequently, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should get rid of them or that they don’t belong in the garage. Here are 4 innovative garage storage solutions that will help you organize a messy garage.

Use the Walls for Garage Storage

Installing hooks and pegboards on the garage walls is one of the best ways to organize tools and other small items. Install racks that grip the handles of brooms and gardening equipment. These are items that you will use frequently, so create easy access to them. Hang garden tools by the garage door and cleaning equipment by the door to the house.

Metal Rack Shelves

Metal rack shelves are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. Place them up against the wall so that you still have room to park your cars. Metal rack shelving is an affordable and popular garage storage solution.

Plastic Bins are Garage Storage Solutions

Your garage will stay better organized if you store like-items together in clear plastic storage bins instead of just piling them up on shelves. Clear bins are great garage storage solutions because you can easily see what is inside of them. It doesn’t hurt to put a label on the outside of the bin too.

Use Overhead Space

If you have large items in your garage that are only used seasonally, like boats or holiday decorations, store them from the ceiling to save space. You can find large racks and hooks that can be installed to the ceiling and hang these items from them. Perhaps the best solution is to build a platform that is lowered and lifted by a pulley system. This project is more complicated than some other garage storage solutions, but you’ll love the convenience of how easy it is to access your belongings.

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