As a homeowner, you’re probably aware of a few areas in your house that need maintenance. You may have noticed things like loose handrails, a crack in your driveway, or a leaky refrigerator. Don’t put repairs off for later. You could end up paying more in the long run. Owning a home means caring for the property. Here are a few home maintenance services you should schedule.

Essential Home Maintenance Services

Separate maintenance into time-frames: monthly, quarterly, and biannually. Knowing when to perform these tasks will help you budget for them. This article discusses services that are important for the upkeep of your home. There are some areas that you can fix or inspect yourself and some that will require a professional.

1. HVAC System Check-Up

This service should be done twice a year and is one of the home maintenance services that must be done by a professional. The best times to have your HVAC system inspected are in the spring and fall, right before the seasons that bring more extreme temperatures. You won’t want your heater to break down in the middle of winter, nor your air conditioner to stop cooling on the hottest day of summer. Technicians will spot problems, make repairs, and change the filter.

2. Water Heater Servicing

If you have a water heater with a tank, sediment will settle in the bottom of it over time. If your water has high mineral content, this will happen more quickly. It’s a good rule of thumb to have the water heater serviced every 6 months, which includes flushing the sediment out. Sediment that builds up over time can corrode the tank, cause a pipe to burst, or lower the water pressure. Flushing the water heater also helps it run better and last longer.

3. Home Maintenance Services Include a Roof Inspection

Inspect your roof once a year, preferably in the spring. You may think you can tackle this task on your own if you feel comfortable on top of your roof. However, a professional will catch issues that you could miss. Missing or broken shingles, damaged flashings, and loose gutters are a few common problems on roofs. A few cracked shingles can be replaced, but if the roof is significantly damaged, it’s best to hire a professional for a roof replacement.

Be Prepared for Home Maintenance

The home maintenance services needed in your home depend on the type of house you own. Some houses, for example, feature chimneys that have their own set of maintenance requirements. If you’re unsure of where to start with your home, order a home maintenance inspection. A professional will assess the property and alert you of any issues. Put money aside monthly for any inspection, repair, or replacement that your home requires. If something suddenly breaks down, you’ll be prepared financially.

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