Planning to have your home inspected before listing it for sale is a smart move for homeowners. Most homebuyers get a home inspection after putting in a contract to purchase a home. A pre-listing home inspection benefits sellers and gives them an advantage when potential buyers begin viewing the property.

Eliminate Surprises with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Unpleasant surprises and defects can hinder or kill a real estate deal. By ordering a pre-listing home inspection, the seller can get a head start on fixing any issues before the property is listed. A pre-listing home inspection checks all of the major components of the home like the electrical system, plumbing, roofing, and the foundation. The inspector will also look for window issues, doors, locks, roof, mold issues, visible cracks, and other defects.

As the seller, you can then choose which improvements and upgrades to complete before listing. If you opt not to make any repairs, you can instead adjust the list price accordingly and sell the property as-is with full disclosure.

Verify Condition of Home to Potential Buyers

The seller may choose to share the pre-listing inspection report detailing the condition of the home. Sellers can point out the great condition of various components of their home, such as the new HVAC system, the plumbing pipes, or the fact that the roof has 15 years remaining before a replacement may be needed. When you make the inspection results available for people to view while they’re touring the home, it builds trust with potential buyers.

Control Repair Costs

If the buyer’s inspection uncovers serious defects, the seller will likely have to hire a licensed contractor to repair the item or adjust the sale price to allow for repairs. Completing the repairs after a pre-listing home inspection gives the seller control over the cost and timeline. You can choose your contractor or even complete some of the work yourself. Learning about problems through an inspection and making repairs in advance will better prepare your home for the real estate market.

A pre-listing inspection gives you the edge over other sellers and reduces the chances of a contract falling through. The inspection will also get you closer to selling the home at the price that you want. This proactive approach is well worth the investment.

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