When clutter builds up in a house, it can become a disorganized mess. Because it took time for the home to get into this state, it will take some time to reorganize the whole house. Here are some tips that will help you take on this project.

1. Reorganize the Whole House with a List

Walk through the house and make notes about each room. This will help you to evaluate which areas are the most cluttered and in need of attention. Taking notes will help you determine what tools you’ll need to reorganize the whole house, and how many. For instance, you’ll probably need several boxes, trash bags, and recycling bins. Also, document the areas where you could add storage solutions, like shelves and baskets.

2. Start with the Messiest Areas

Using your notes as a guide, list rooms in order of least organized to most organized. It’s always best to get the messiest areas over with first. Once you have organized the most cluttered area in the home, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue.

3. Go Through the Process Gradually

Reorganizing the whole house won’t happen in a day or even in a week. Many people don’t have entire days free to work on the house. If this is the case, slowly chip away at it starting with just 30 minutes per day. Go through a bathroom drawer and discard old medications and cosmetics. Reorganize your kitchen pantry. There are plenty of small projects that can be completed quickly and will add up over time to a more organized home.

4. Once You Reorganize the Whole House, Maintain It

Once you reorganize your whole home, it will become cluttered again if you don’t maintain order. Keep a box for items that you’re giving away to take to a donation center every week. Put things back in their proper place when you notice they have been left out or misplaced. Establish a cleaning schedule to tidy up and deep clean each room. These measures will help keep your home from going back into a disorganized state.

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